Invisible tooth replacement

Missing a tooth or two?

Don’t like the dentist?

We can replace it when we make your mouthguard.

  • Valplast
  • Valplast Uni
  • Valplast Uni

What is it?

The human body is a sensitive thing. Designed to reject foreign bodies, fight antibodies and constantly in flux, we are limited in what we can safely place in contact with sensitive tissues.

Your appliance is worn for hours every day. It’s a challenging environment of stress, pressure and micro-organism activity; your new valplast appliance is up for the challenge.

Developed in the 1950’s, valplast is a biocompatible nylon and thermoplastic resin that provides a unique combination of flexibility and stability just right for replacing teeth.

Valplasts flexibility makes it feel more natural in the mouth and its durability means you will be able to wear the appliance for years. The lifetime warranty applies to the material itself; however you still need to treat it with care as the teeth may become damaged if dropped.

The material is carefully tracked from manufacturer to approved technician. Brisbane Mouthguards are proud to be a part of that chain and by offering you the lifetime warranty and sachet of valclean, you can rest easy knowing you are getting exactly what you paid for.

How long does it take to make?

When we take your impression for your mouthguard, we can make this for you.

We can get it done in as little as 5 working days.

That means 1 appointment to take the impression and 1 to insert it.

If you are getting a club deal, you may need to come to our lab in Aspley when we put it in.

The great news is that we are healthfund friendly and you may get more back when you come to see us at the clinic.

Is it expensive?


In comparison to most other restorations, this stuff is cheap, it comes with a lifetime warranty and some people don’t even know they are wearing one.

Is it hard to look after?


You just need to clean it every night and/or rinse after eating. It’s really no big deal.

Ok, I’m sold, now what?

All you have to do is contact us – call, email or courier pigeon and we’ll sort the rest from there!