The best mouthguards in Queensland.

We want to support your school or organisation and get the word out about our amazing guards. Part of that offer is 1 totally free custom mouthguard you can raffle to your students, along with a kick back for every guard we make.


Contact us today to find out all that we offer


A date and time for us to come to your school

Run Your Raffe

And get paid for every guard we make.

We Do Everything

We will provide all flyers for students, talk to them in their classes and, most important, we come and take impressions on site. Yep, right there at your school at the chosen time.

We can guarantee the quality; partnered with Australian Mouthguards our products are unique and have stood the test of time.
The technician has over 20 years experience in making all forms of custom mouthguards, dentures and much more besides – everything we make is given the attention it deserves.

It’s affordable – we accept all healthcare funds, credit cards and cash.

We can make anything including full graphics, rainbows, team colours.

Give us a call to discuss what we can bring to your school today!

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